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I chose TECHSPO San Diego because it seemed to be an all-encompassing expo that covered all the topics I wanted to learn more about. Personally I wanted to get the highlights and best practices from all sorts of technology spheres and it seemed the best one stop shop of gaining great knowledge in the industry.

Sabrina Gilmore, Manager, Strategic Business Development

The range of speakers that are here that are providing such interesting insights to the people that are attending the expo is just excellent and a good programming is going to bring about good attendees and I’ve enjoyed everyone I’ve met.

Phillip Rebentisch, President Elect

I’m based in Southern California, so it was conveniently close, and it’s right up my alley. So that’s why I’m here. I like to see what other people are using as far as their measuring tools, also networking, see if there’s some synergies as an agency with the services I provide.

Nicholas Verdugo, SEO Consultant

TECHSPO San Diego is at the top of my list for must attend expos. The venue was perfect, the speakers were a mix of celebrities and best in class and the expo schedule was relevant and thought provoking. The speakers were just amazing, the content is perfect, Loews hotel is a beautiful hotel. So if you look at the user experience over 2 days I have nothing but compliments and congratulations on a phenomenal expo.

Brian Mac Mahon, Chief Executive Officer

TECHSPO was one of the best-run events I have ever attended. I took pages of notes for each presentation! One of the great things about this expo is that TECHSPO has really built some really great networking opportunities. It’s a lovely location, they’ve had really nice food and nice long networking opportunities where you can really get to know people and that is one of the things that distinguishes this expo from other expos I’ve been too.

Mark Schaefer, Executive Director

I enjoyed your expo and brought back a lot of great material to share with my co-workers. I thought the venue was great! You had a great location and great weather. The expo touched on a wide variety of topics which was amazing. I know there’s a lot out there and I appreciate you pulling it together into one source. That saves me time and now I can go back and review as I need.

Beverly Wilgor, Technology Communications Manager

TECHSPO has been a fantastic event, with great content focused on learning and development in the technology sphere. We’re excited for the next event, and hope it’s back in sunny California.

Jessica Nuboer, Technology Expert

Thank you for putting together such a great line of speakers. I really enjoyed the sessions and plan to implement as many of my learning as possible.

Steven Peters, Manager, Technology & Brand Communications

Very informative, knowledgeable speakers and great networking.Tremendous amount of knowledge in the sessions. Valuable for newbies and digital technology pro’s – Great Expo!

Sr. Technology Manager

The TECHSPO Technology Expo brings together some of the greatest minds in technology to interact, engage and learn from each other. I highly recommend it.

Chief Technology Officer

All the speakers were great. This is by far one of the best expos I have been to for technology.

The quality of the content and speakers were a huge draw. They gave practical tips that I can implement in my everyday work—not high level theory.

TECHSPO was an unbelievably enlightening expo. From the nonstop networking to the diverse courses offered, everything was accessible, professional, and went above and beyond my expectations. I continue to network with contacts I’ve made there and it has greatly impacted my approach to Technology. This was a perfect way to for a new expo-goer to feel welcome and inspired.

No one was aloof. The speakers were approachable. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Format of the expo was very good.

TECHSPO Technology Expo was a blast from the get go. It is the best way to keep abreast of all the latest developments in our ever-dynamic technology field.

It’s fun. Love the heavy concentration on networking. Love the vibe. Yours is a wonderfully upbeat and sharing community. There are very few dull moments.

TECHSPO is a great technology expo, covering all aspects of the digital space. I recommend it to any one serious about technology on the web.

TECHSPO was a strategically, well planned expo that provided a wealth of information from the novice to the expert Technology enthusiast. It was a refreshing experience to attend a expo and leave with innumerable tools and information that I could use when I got back to work.

I thought everything was amazing! I learned a ton and met some really awesome people. I think it was the perfect mix of education and networking.


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