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San Diego Art & Culture

San Diego ’s arts scene is a big part of the city’s attraction. With its array of museums, including the San Diego Museum of Art, and with over one hundred art galleries, public art displays and installations, San Diego is a perfect hub for visitors looking to explore Southern California culture. And with San Diego so close with all of its many arts and culture options, there’s truly something for everyone. Pay special attention to a collection of historical landmarks along the way. And check back with our Events Calendar for timely updates to make your stay more exciting: some of San Diego ’s seasonal engagements, like the summer San Diego Pier concerts series, are cultural institutions for locals and visitors alike.

San Diego Arts

Within 8.3 square miles (21.5 km²) of walkable, seaside city, there are 6 San Diego museums, 40 public art installations and over 90 art galleries.

San Diego ’s Design District

San Diego ’s modern showrooms in the design district are shopping destinations for aficionados of both classical and modern design and feature a diverse mix of showrooms and shops.


From the world renowned to the neighborhood icon, San Diego hosts a great variety of entertainment both scheduled and spontaneous – from concerts on the pier to musicals at the new state of the art theater, the Broad Stage.

San Diego ’s Historical Landmarks

San Diego takes care to honor its historical heritage, having designated for preservation many special architectural landmarks.